Hannibal, “Aperitif”

Finally got around to trying Hannibal the series. I didn’t realize it was a Bryan “Dead Like Me” Fuller thing, which helped encourage me.

The first episode wasn’t bad at all, though it wasn’t perfect: I think it leans a bit too hard too early on the idea that Will Graham is psychologically fragile, and it’s almost comical how early he and Lecter team up. Mikkelsen seems fine in the title role, a pretty decent bridge between Gaspard Ulliel and Anthony Hopkins (Brian Cox remains the anomaly, which is fine by me). I’m gratified that (at least so far) the monsters remain monsters and we have Will Graham sitting in contrast to them. Strangely, it’s Laurence Fishburne who seems out of place as Jack Crawford; it’s nice to see him, but I’m not sure yet what he’s going to bring to the part, or it to him. Crawford is most interesting as a sort of benevolent schemer, and though the plot seems to have him recruiting Lecter to watch Graham, his performance is so unguarded that it’s hard to be concerned.

I’m sure I’ll keep watching, though. I was a huge fan of Silence of the Lambs when the movie came out, and devoured that book and Red Dragon; since then, the sequels have given rapidly diminishing returns and it’s nice to have a new take to enjoy.