Capaldi’s Costume


It’s not bad. My first reaction was that it was somehow both too fussy and too plain, and definitely too much like a costume. The purple jacket from season 7B was getting to be a little much already, and this is in the same self-conscious vein. But then I saw the images juxtaposing Capaldi and Jon Pertwee, and those make it very clear what they were going for. If Tennant was Davisonesque and Smith was the best mix of Baker and Troughton there could ever be, Capaldi can very easily be Pertwee.

Shoes: A+
Pants: C
Jacket: B-
Shirt: A
Cardigan: WTF?

It’s going to be an interesting season. I still haven’t decided if I want to write about it or not. I might just try enjoying it and reacting to it, rather than critiquing it. We’ll see.

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