Who cares about our baby?

Here’s an alternate view on “The God Complex”. I enjoyed the episode, and I think it works and makes as much sense in isolation as any episode of New Who. But I must agree with this reviewer that taken in context, Amy and Rory once again (as I noted when discussing “Let’s Kill Hitler”) do not behave like Earthlings who’ve had a Time Lord baby stolen from them and seen their Time Lord “friend” shot dead in his future, but like actors who have read the scripts and know all’s well that ends well. This makes it difficult to take them seriously as characters. It’s another reason why I’m hoping against common sense that we can close the book on these two and start fresh next season. I liked them, but they were saddled with way too much drama for the writers to sustain from story to story. This is the danger of giving companions an arc more complex than “I’ve grown to really like the Doctor.”

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  1. Kermit · September 20, 2011

    I am positive I read that Karen had signed on for season 7. You know, as positive as a sleep-deprived nursing mother can be first thing in the morning.

    I understand that Matt and Karen are exceedingly popular with the fans, but I think showrunners who kowtow to the public for ratings damage their shows (see: Heroes and Zachary Quinto). I agree that new companions are in order.