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I’ve been time-delaying my Doctor Who commentary in deference to American fans, many of whom have to wait two weeks to catch up to what’s being aired in Britain, but I think I’m going to go ahead and start dropping them as I write them instead. So my reviews of “Vampires in/of/whatever Venice” and “Amy’s Choice” are coming up in about half an hour. As a rule I don’t care much about spoilers; I don’t feel you can really come to grips with a work of fiction if you can’t talk about what actually happens in it. But I err on the side of discretion if it doesn’t hamper me too much. You can always wait to read it until after you’ve watched the episode, assuming anyone’s reading at all!

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  1. Kermit · May 16, 2010

    I put you in my feed reader and am reading. I don’t mind spoilers; they whet the appetite. I’m completely intrigued about “Amy’s Choice” after reading your write-up. In annoying news, we haven’t even watched the two Weeping Angels episodes because we are just that busy lately. Maybe Tuesday night…