hellboy animated: blood and iron

Maybe I’m just feeling better, but just to prove I’m not a film snob:

Blood and Iron is MUCH better than Sword of Storms. The script’s both funnier and eerier, the compositions are far more interesting, the fights are less tedious, and the whole thing feels a lot more like a Hellboy comic than the live-action film did. I also really liked the way that the Professor got a chance to shine. It jumps around in time with a fearlessness you don’t often see in an animated film. The ending goes on a little too long and repeats itself a little, but it’s a small complaint. I’ll just have to forget I ever saw that other one.

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  1. Tom Noir · January 27, 2008

    By strange coincidence, I actually watched Blood and Iron this Sunday as well.

    I definitely thought it was better than Sword of Storms. To be honest I didn’t dislike SoS, however. I went in with pretty low expectations and just looking for something light and action-y, which it delivered on.