Hannibal: “Mizumono”

I promised myself I’d take a break after finishing the second season of Hannibal. It got good. REALLY good. Like astonishingly good. The first season was just okay. The second was a work of art. That finale: so frustrating and so perfect.

Now that I see where they decided to take Jack Crawford, I’m totally on board with Lawrence Fishburne. He’s the perfect choice, perhaps the easiest character to love on the show. Pretty much everyone is perfectly cast and performs beautifully, with the possible exception of Michael Pitt, whose Thomas Dolby drag and post-Heath-Ledger villainy is just a little too cartoony. But then this season needed comic relief and Mason Verger is already a ridiculous character.

I’m resisting the urge to shell out 30 bucks to see the third season right away. There’s plenty more to watch while I wait for it to be free on Amazon Prime.