Fanboy Planet and the next Doctor

The guys at Fanboy Planet, who are generous enough to run my Doctor Who reviews on their site alongside their much more diverse and comprehensive coverage of the world of fannish things, even more generously invited me to join them on their podcast last week:

Fanboy Planet Podcast #310 – It’s All Snits

I had a harder time keeping up with them than I anticipated, and I wasn’t sure how often it would be polite to interrupt my hosts, but I still got to offer some of my thoughts about the more daring directions of the “next Doctor” speculation.

I don’t know if saying “David Tennant was the best Doctor ever” was a deliberate attempt to bait me into an argument, but if so I’m afraid I let the side down. I’m still undecided about whether Matt Smith was the best Doctor ever but he’s easily my favorite of the 21st century incarnations…so far. He will be sorely missed.

I’m only in the first hour or so of the podcast, but if you’re into comics and video games based on them, you should definitely listen to the whole thing.