battlestar galactica: revised predictions

If you haven’t seen “Daybreak, Part 1,” this past week’s episode, you probably should watch it first, though frankly there was really nothing to spoil in it.

So to review my previous predictions:

1. I’m not longer sure what to think about my girlfriend’s idea that death is the way home. Production photos I’d seen of various characters in what is clearly a civilized nightclub, and rumors that certain dead characters were going to show up in the last episode, lent support to this theory, but now we know that those dead characters are in flashbacks (which are wonderful, by the way).

2. The Colony turns out to be on the accretion disk of a black hole, not on or near “real” Earth as I’d predicted. On the other hand, what was it that Racetrack and Skulls saw when they were in the asteroid field? Was it the Colony? Or was it Mars and Earth, seen from the asteroid belt in our solar system? Probably the Colony, honestly, since they wouldn’t have any clue what Earth looked like and they couldn’t just see that it’s a habitable planet. Oh well. 🙂

3. I’m still expecting Galactica to be used as a battering ram, but I’m not as sure as I was.

4. No question this will still come to pass: Boomer will help Hera escape, or at least betray Cavil and set events in motion.

5. There’s still a possibility that all is not as it seemed with Baltar and Six. The flashbacks involving them make me wonder. But I think the Baltar we have now needs to be real and human still, and the Caprica we have needs to be real and Cylon. It would just be too weird if they hadn’t been “real” all along.

So a few new predictions:

6. Helo and Athena surely die so that Baltar and Six can raise their child. A lot of other people are saying this and I think it’s got to happen, especially since Athena is just totally broken now.

7. Baltar finally passes the Gaius Baltar test somehow. Fan speculation is that he stows away on the Galactica suicide mission without telling anyone he’s going to. His arc almost makes BSG the “Gaius Baltar story” in the same way the Star Wars trilogy has turned out to be the “Anakin Skywalker story.”

8. Roslin begins to recover the closer she gets to Hera. Somehow her health is tied to that kid now, probably because she has some of the kid’s magical blood.

9. Ellen herself kills Cavil. I’m not sure how this would be arranged, but it feels right. I don’t think he can just be blown through a crack in the Baseship hull — too anticlimactic.

10. Someone or something is going into the black hole. I mean, duh — it’s a gun in the first act and needs to go off in the third. Whether it’s Galactica, the Colony, or just a few unfortunate Vipers, I don’t know. I also don’t know if someone’s going to come out on the other side. My most far-fetched idea for the ending: the ruined Galactica goes through the black hole to a parallel universe! They crashland on our Earth! Adama and Roslin drive off into the sunset wearing studded leather on a bitchin Harley!