battlestar galactica: predictions

Here’s what I think we’re going to see in the Battlestar Galactica finale. If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode (“Islanded in a Stream of Stars”), you should watch it first. To give you a little spoiler space, I’ll start with some of the less specific stuff, including the big one, #1, which is something my girlfriend thought of last year and is looking more and more likely.

1. Death turns out to be the way to a new home for humanity and Cylons alike. They will break the wheel of fate and end up in what amounts to Nirvana. Kara has already done this and come back for everyone else, but she doesn’t know it yet. Perhaps Caprica Six and Gaius Baltar have done the same, and the versions of them we’ve been seeing are “dead” in whatever sense Kara is dead. When they get there, they’ll encounter some characters we’ve known to be dead, including Dee and Zak and maybe even Billy. This is how Kara can be “the harbinger of death” and “lead humanity to its end,” but actually be doing everyone a favor.

2. We’ll see “our” Earth — the planet at the end of season 3, which the clever frakkers at have been telling us is different from the “Earth” everyone landed on and found a charred cinder in the middle of this season — the home of the Final Five. As that website has predicted, it will turn out that Cavil has brought the incredibly-cool-looking Colony to our solar system. I didn’t think to look closely tonight, but it’s probably either floating in space or it’s on, like, Mars or something. I’m not sure how this theory works with #1, but they both seem likely.

3. Adama is going to ram Cavil’s Baseship with Galactica, or maybe even the Colony itself. This was not-so-subtly foreshadowed by Hera playing with strategic models at the beginning of this ep, as well as the painfully dragged-out talk of Galactica “dying.” What’s less clear is who will be on board at the time. Probably Anders has to be, but maybe Adama will stay too. Roslin might even stay with him, but then again she’s got to show up for the Opera House, either physically or mentally.

4. Boomer’s going to betray Cavil and help Hera escape. Boomer betrays everyone, after all, though I just can’t bring myself to hate her. She’s a sweet girl, but everybody uses her except Tyrol (her “dad” — sorry, not really buying that rhetorical line). She’s a super-terrible mom-substitute, but when she calms down and starts to treat Hera like a little person, you can see she has a heart. And Hera has to make it to the Opera House.

5. I’m not sure what to make of the so-called “head!characters,” or “angels” as I think we have to acknowledge them. I think it’s significant that the only people who have seen them, as far as I can remember, are Caprica Six, Baltar, and Kara Thrace, which is partly why I’m speculating that Six and Baltar truly died in the nuclear blast and that only the undead are seeing angels. But then apparently the Final Five saw them too. So are they “dead”? Or did they just resurrect in the non-Cylon (according to Baltar) way that Kara did? In any case, I’m wondering (as others have been) whether the Six and Baltar in the Opera House are in fact their Angel versions. Seems likely.

That’s all I have so far. What do you think?


  1. Bella · March 7, 2009

    Well everything that you say I can really see happening!! and makes perfect sense also~ Because we have seen pic’s of them all in some type of ”normal” world on the last episode.
    So maybe they have to ascend kinda in death this is the only way to end the cycle and move on. Kinda like a alternate reality/ temporal thing.

    Also the vision of the opera house it make perfect sense that its ”Boomer” not ”Athena” getting Hera because of the flight suit shoulda dawned on me before she is going to try and save her she became attached because even though she isn’t hers she came from a 8 and also ”Boomer” really does long for a ”normal” type of existence.

    The Opera house has to be the Temple of Aurora~ Laura plays a key role also so she (I don’t think is going anywhere she has to transcend into the other what ever like the rest of them(think hope:) But what exactly is her role in the Opera House? Will her connection to Hera save her again and When Hera returns will all be good, But obviously in the next episode they are going on a most likely a one way trip so I’m sure if Bills going Laura’s going and she seemed to be trying to tell him that they need to move on to live.

    I definitely think that Galactica is going to make a grand explosive exit. They are not just going to leave her to waste away in space they are going to blow her up in some way and ramming her in Cavil would be Sweet Justice and a grand exit for the old girl~

    I have already thought that what they found before was a different Earth also this comes into the spacial/temporal thing ~

    What Baltar says does make sense and the fact that he may already be dead and this is a double of him also that would explain 6 in his head, but I do hate Baltar being right the frak weasel!!

    I feel like I’m a a see-saw going that could happen but then again this is very plausible too.
    I swear I have 1001 hypothesis ~ they week cant go fast enough then again i don’t want it to go to fast because its almost over!!

  2. Tom · March 7, 2009

    Amazing theories and logically and intelligently, you should’ve penned the episodes from this fracking season. This season has been the most boring in the sense of the storytelling and it is funny how they seem to be trying to get so much information to the fans in only 10 episodes rather that continuing the story for one or two more seasons. It’s just too bad that Ron moore and David Eick have lost their direction. It seems that rushed a lot this season making it a little slow at times.

  3. Cos Ryan · March 7, 2009

    I like the idea regarding the Angels. Really nice, makes sense that Baltar certainly would never have survived that blast, even if Caprica Six shielding him had been made out of some form of blast proof metal.

    Tom, you’re a twat. The most boring season so far? In terms of storytelling, how does the ENTIRE reason for both Cylon wars work for you? It’s probably not enough to explain the entire backstory, I suppose. Moron.

    Also, what kind of logic makes a season seem slow by rushing it? Jesus, you’re an idiot.

  4. encyclops · March 7, 2009

    @Cos: be nice.

    Besides, Tom is not an idiot: he thinks I should have written this season and he’s absolutely right. 😉

    Seriously, I agree that this season feels somehow both rushed and slow: it feels as though we’re racing past moments I’d like to see explored more, and dragging out the ones that don’t interest me. But I suppose everyone has a list of what they want out of this final season, and we’re all bound to be a little disappointed because they can’t please everyone in ten episodes. But though the pacing has been a little uneven, I’d agree that it’s not boring.

    My complaint is more that we’re not getting ENOUGH information; some people thought “No Exit” was too much of an info overload but I was drinking it in eagerly and thirsty for more.

    I always just kind of accepted that Baltar survived without really questioning it, but fan discussion has led me to wonder. The Final Five also “survived” a nuclear holocaust, but only by dying and resurrecting themselves. Perhaps “angels” only appear to those who are about to die and those who have returned from the dead?

  5. Damaja · March 7, 2009

    I think the key is ….

    “All of this has happened before, and will happen again”

  6. TimW · March 7, 2009

    I love this Theory, Maybe the reason for showing the flashbacks in the last episode of the characters lives before the fall of Caprica is to show the family they lost, Baltar’s father, Zak, Roslin’s Father and Sisters, is because they reunite with them in the end.

  7. encyclops · March 7, 2009

    @Tim: Nice! That would be pretty satisfying.

  8. LaTiNo · March 7, 2009

    Well, you came close with your predictions! Well done! 🙂