New Who Speed Through

A list of the New Who episodes you HAVE to watch to have any clue what’s going on, plus a few recommended fan favorites (even if, for a few, the only fan in question is me).

Wearing a Bit Thin

“Is that what Time Lords do? Lop a bit off, grow another one? You’re like worms.”

Morrissey, “Ranked”

“There are some bad people on the right. There are some bad people on the rise. They’re saving their own skins by ruining people’s lives. While Rome burns, let’s rank Morrissey.”

The Return of Doctor Mysterio

“The problem, and it’s a fatal one, is that nothing got ground up. There’s a slab of superhero sitting next to a strip of Who and it’s been sold as a sausage.”

Carnival of Souls

“I watched Carnival of Souls today in preparation for the Rifftrax performance coming out later this month. It was extraordinary.”

Stranger Things and The Problem of Barb

“People who think that what’s counterintuitive must be true seem to be all like: she’s cool for dressing how she wants! She’s cool for keeping her virginity and trying to help her friend resist pressure to lose hers! She’s cool for being a nerd and not apologizing for it!

Allow me to suggest delicately that this might be some bullshit. Or at least that there’s another way of looking at our Barb.”

Ghostbusters (2016)

“Whatever the truth is about the villains of the world, it’s true that almost all of them are still men of one stripe or another, and that the systematic, institutionalized ‘bullying’ women experience daily has made almost none of them into homicidal maniacs.”

Star Trek Beyond

“This is the third Star Trek movie in a row to be about a terrorist seeking misguided revenge, and I really hope they find a new story next time around, one that makes better use of their characters and actually bothers to explore an idea among all the motorcycle stunts and explosions.”

American Graffiti and Animal House

These two movies have a lot in common. Both are set in 1962, though one feels more like 1957 and the other like 1972. Both are coming-of-age stories featuring teenagers on the cusp of the college experience, rapidly losing their innocence but not their cheerfulness….

Checking in

So yeah. It’s been a while. I’ve been watching loads of things, but not much that’s inspired me to take the time to write a full entry. Here are a few I remember offhand. Accatone: Eh. Even in Italian I can tell the acting can’t…